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New free training

Jane is happy to offer you a twenty-minute free video class :

An Elegant Copperplate « Thank You » Card

Greeting Card

In this short gift-video to you, available on this page, Jane shows you how to create a little card with the words « Thank You » and « Merci Beaucoup » in flowing copperplate script.  Even if you are a beginner to the art of calligraphy, you’ll be able to learn to make this pretty card, following Jane’s step-by-step instructions, and stopping the film to practice certain forms and techniques as often as needed.

A new module on Illuminated Letters in the Calligrafée online Art School

Illuminated letter N

The new Module Six has just been added to Jane’s on-line classes, and this time we look at the whole alphabet in the style of letter-forms known as Versals.  Each of the six classes studies a group of letters with similar features and then a step-by-step project for creating a beautiful illuminated initial.

If you sign-up for just one module, you pay 16€ for one year’s access, BUT if you decide to have a year’s access to ALL SIX the price is only 65€ — less than 11€ per module (each one with six video-lessons and many handouts to support your studies!).

If you are already registered for all of the five modules available up to this date, you will have Module Six added to your year’s package automatically for free.

Don’t delay!  Take a look at and enjoy this newest series of lessons which will guide you in the creation of beautifully decorated letters in a variety of styles!

A New Module and New Registration Offers for the CalligraFée On-Line Art School !

The latest module in the CalligraFée School is now online and not to be missed: Celtic Interlace and Illumination!  You will learn how to create all sorts of knotwork, animal-interlace (zoömorphics), circular knots, spirals, letters in the form of intertwined animals, a short word in Celtic illuminated initials, and even a small « carpet-page » of a Celtic cross.

And launched with this new module is a change in the registration for the School:  You now have TWO options when you join Jane’s fun and delightful classes online:

  • (1) You can sign-up to have access to ALL FIVE modules (six video classes each, with handouts to download for each class) for just 65€,

  OR  —

  • (2) You can take just one module for 16€.  Both options give you access for one full year from the date you register.

NB: If you are already a student of the School, contact Jane or Michel by email to receive a link for a special rate for ongoing students to avail of the first option.

Hop over to the School page to take a closer look at Module 5 and to choose your option for registration.  And why not offer one or more modules as a creative Christmas gift ? !

(By the way, the mini-module on drawing Unicorns remains independent from the rest of the School:  you can take the three video classes of « How to Draw Unicorns » for only 5€ in combination with either registration option…  And without a doubt Unicorns make a nice gift too, and a good introduction to the style of Jane’s classes !)

See you soon in the CalligraFée On-Line Art School ! ! !

A Presentation Scroll of the 23rd Psalm

Recently, Jane had the honour to be asked to create an illuminated version of the 23rd Psalm to be presented to Joshua Stafford, the new organist of Riverside Presbyterian Church in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.  What a delightful commission!  This is Jane’s favourite Psalm (it’s number 22 in the Psautier Enluminé de Ligugé), and it was an added pleasure that the page included the opening stave of the musical setting of this Psalm by H. Walford Davies.   The young organist taking up this post at Riverside Church, Joshua Stafford, is a brilliant musician who has already won awards for his mastery of this complicated instrument, the organ!  You can learn more about Joshua here:

These photos show you the “scroll” created by Jane, and presented to Joshua on the 25th of April, 2021 (the 4th Sunday of Easter, traditionally dedicated to the “Good Shepherd”) as he began his appointment as Director of Music Ministries and Organist.

Joshua Stafford  Scroll of Psalm 23

Scroll of Psalm 23: detail  Scroll of Psalm 23: detail

Jane’s Fantasy Trilogy “Return to Faërie”

Return to Faërie trilogy

Dear visitors

My fantasy novel, Return to Faërie, is now completed — and I am so excited to share it with you!   I hope you’ll be eager to read it and to give me your comments, suggestions and insights.

The trilogy is available to order directly from my website, on the page called “Calligrafee shop”. There you can also find all of my other books, and you can — of course — order the three books of Return to Faërie separately too, if you prefer (but there is a discount when ordering the three together).

Please go to:

A separate website has also been created for the book, so you can visit and learn more about the story here:

Thank you for supporting this “enchanted” project by ordering a copy of my novel, and also by sharing this information with your own contacts. The ripples will spread out in ever-widening circles, I’m sure, and thereby my story will reach many readers who will enjoy this tale of wonder and beauty, peace and adventure, joy and hope! (There are plenty of magical creatures to delight you as well: not only fairies but also flying-horses, dragons, mermaids, wondrous harps and wise trees, and — of course — unicorns!).

Thank you, once again, for all your interest in my projects and for your help in spreading the word about this new book!


A Pleasure to Give

Greetings to you all !

You can give great pleasure to family and friends with this very special gift. A present which is uplifting, beautiful, meditative and original. The Illuminated Psalter which I produced for the Abbey of Ligugé is a work of art that will bring delight for many years to come…

psalms Calligraphy Illumination

Beyond the spiritual message and timeless poetry of the Psalms (in the French translation of the monks of Ligugé), you will be offering a book filled with colour and creativity, rich illuminations and over 300 pages of dancing calligraphic script!

Signed and numbered copies of the “Limited Edition” are still available for purchase. You will find them in various bookshops, including the shop at the Abbey of Ligugé and also  the Abbey aux Dames in Saintes and the Abbey of Trizay, and in Paris at the Artisanat Monastique. You may also order directly from Jane’s website, and Jane will be pleased to include a personalised dedication, if you wish.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Jane Sullivan      

Unicorn Book

Jane’s book about Unicorns has recently been published.

Drawing Unicorns — A Guide for Young Artists

It is available for purchase in the Calligrafée shop.

In this book, Jane provides a detailed and delightful method for learning to draw and paint unicorns, as well as many other enchanted creatures.  There’s a coloring-book of images, too, to practice your painting skills!  To complement this guide-book, Jane has simultaneously launched a special module on “How to Draw Unicorns” on her on-line art school — click here to learn more:

Happy Unicorn-Art !