Classes & Workshops

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Calligraphy and Illumination: Jane Sullivan has a long experience of teaching the arts of calligraphy and illumination, both to adults and to children. She has often offered workshops in schools or community art centres to give students the opportunity of discovering the joys of writing with the quill, or with more modern steel pens, and of decorating their own fantasy initials. At present, Jane does not teach regular classes (as she did in her shop in Saintes); however, she does propose workshops from time to time at the Abbey of Ligugé (sometimes a weekend, sometimes a full week). She is also open to your ideas of organising workshops (in schools, or for private groups). You are invited to contact Jane to discuss such a project.

Jane’s workshops on fantasy art and illumination, at the Abbey of LigugĂ© are regularly attended by teenagers as well as adults interested in learning calligraphy, designing illuminated letters and even drawing the occasional fairy!

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: Jane offers classes in Irish harp and has, for the past several years, taught numerous pupils, of all ages, either individuals or in small groups. She is also happy to do once-off “introductory” classes, to present the instrument to curious potential students! For this Jane uses her own harp, but if you decide to continue with regular classes, you will need to rent or buy a harp of your own. (Jane can advise you on the choice of harp-model, and on the rental arrangements offered by Camac Harps).


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