Limited edition of the « Psautier de Ligugé »


Since December 2014, Jane has been delighting in her project of creating a calligraphed and illuminated « Psautier de Ligugé » (a version of the Book of Psalms following the translation into French done by the monks of the Abbey of Saint Martin in Ligugé, France).  She works in a small studio provided by the monks just beside the Abbey church. Since the beginning of the project, she has regularly published collections of the psalms (there are 6 volumes so far, corresponding to 100 psalms, and there will be 9 volumes in total). She expects to complete the entire 150 psalms of the Psalter before the end of 2018.

Now that the project is completed (since october 2018), a beautiful edition of the entire Psalter is envisaged for Spring 2019. Thus it seems appropriate to ask if persons wishing to support this long project, and to acquire a signed and numbered copy of the first printing, would be interested in contributing a sum of money to be used in off-setting the cost of production for this “first edition” of the calligraphed and  illuminated « Psautier de Ligugé ».

Such a contribution will be seen as a real involvement in the publication of this work of art.  All contributors’ names will appear on a special page of acknowledgements in this limited edition of 500 signed and numbered copies.  More importantly for Jane, their good-will and encouragement will become a part of the energy of this artistic achievement. Jane has always said that each visitor to her studio becomes a part of the Psalter!  This is true also of each person offering their financial support for this first edition.

Persons contributing 99€ or more will receive one of the signed and numbered copies of the Psalter of Ligugé: a cloth-bound volume measuring 25 x 35 cm, and containing more than 300 pages of richly illuminated calligraphy. Of course, if there are supporters who wish to contribute a more significant amount, one copy of the first edition is offered for each 99€ given.  For those who would like to contribute only a smaller amount, which is still very welcome, Jane will offer a free copy of one of the spiral-bound volumes already published for every donation of 33€ or more (up to 99€).

When the completion of the project is announced in early 2019, an exhibition of the original pages of the calligraphed and illuminated « Psautier de Ligugé » will be organised and the presentation of the first edition will take place at the same time.  All contributors who have reserved a copy will, of course, be warmly invited to this inaugural ceremony, offering the occasion for collecting their Psalters and for having them personally dedicated!  If you are not able to attend, your copy of the Psalter will be posted (the cost of shipping will be: 15€ for France, 23€ for Europe, and 49€ for international shipping).

Jane thanks you in advance for any support you can provide for this beautiful and delightful project which is so close to her heart.

A printable pdf version of the first page of the psalter of Jane is available at the bottom of the french page about the subscription.