Jane is the author of several books on Calligraphy, Illuminated Letters and Fantasy Art, published in French and in English. These books can be ordered on the Calligrafée shop or directly from the author or they can be found on Internet (on sites such as Amazon).

Return to Faërie trilogy

Return to Faërie

is Jane’s newest book, a novel in three volumes which will transport you to a world of Fairies, Dragons and Unicorns. You can learn more about the story here.

The books can be purchased from the Calligrafée shop with a special price for the trilogy.

calligraphy cover onlyCalligraphy

A comprehensive guide to beautiful lettering .

Discover the timeless art of beautiful writing! This introduction to creating calligraphy combines beginner-friendly clarity with thorough guidance and gorgeous examples.

Introduces nine major calligraphic styles, with detailed diagrams and tips for writing each letter.

Sub-sections include histories of each alphabet, step-by-step tutorials for embellishing your calligraphy, and ways to showcase your elegant lettering.

Full color photographs and illustrations throughout.

Hardcover, 120 pages.   Order


how to draw dragons coverHow to draw Dragons

Soar on the wings of legendary creatures and take a journey into creativity with this interactive book! Artist Jane Sullivan introduces the basics of drawing dragons, from anatomy to imaginative creature creation, before showing step-by-step how to create striking fantasy illustrations.

  • Learn to draw 30 dragons and fantastical settings in living color!
  • Draw dragons soaring through the clouds, sea serpents conversing with mermaids, extra-terrestrial dragons, and volcano dragons breathing flame.
  • Includes space for your own depictions of dragons!
  • Hardcover, 160 pages.
  • Order


initiale-enlumineeDessiner les lettres enluminées

(How to Draw Illuminated Letters)

For aspiring illuminators, a workbook for learning to draw and decorate letters and monograms.

Sixteen pages of models in full colour will inspire you, including a complete illuminated alphabet and numerous motifs to incorporate in your letters.

Three hundred outlined letters are pre-printed to allow you to practice your design techniques and create your own decorated initials. Two pages of stickers included.  Order


deux-initiales-enlumineesDessiner les fées

(How to Draw Fairies)

Learn to draw an enchanted world! A workbook to help you master the art of bringing fairies and their universe to life.

16 pages of full-colour models to inspire you, with poses, anatomy, clothing, wings, hair-styles and habitats.

Three hundred outlined forms pre-printed to allow you to practice, complete the designs, and colour-in your work. Two pages of stickers included.  Order


prenom-enlumineCarnet de griffonnage

In French (mostly images, very little text)

A workbook and journal which invites you to learn to create illuminated letters.

Bring to life beautiful letters filled with animal and plant motifs, swirling arabesques, complex interlace, and fantasy creatures.

Here you will find numerous models to help you progress, step by step, in your artistic work, as well as space to write your thoughts, poems, or keep an intimate journal!  Order


illulettersIlluminated Letters Sketchbook

(the English-language version of the preceeding entry)

Learn how to illuminate letters as did the scribes  of the Middle Ages.

Bring letters to life with all kinds of motifs such as animals, plants and leaves, arabesques and interlace, and fantastic creatures.

You will find many models to help you progress step by step and ample space for your own creations.  Order

prenom-enlumineDragons – colouring book

Welcome to the wonderful world of Jane’s dragons! Very few of these creatures are truly terrifying — and most are so charming that you will find it irresistable to pass your time with them, bringing them to life with coloured pencil, paint or marker, and at the same time finding relaxation and stress-relief for yourself!

Adults as well as children will appreciate the pleasure of colouring with this very special book.  Order


prenom-enlumineLa porte du Martin -pĂȘcheur

(“Kingfisher’s Door”, a bi-lingual book)

After a springtime rain-shower, Talia and MattĂ©o were playing among the puddles in the courtyard of a small castle — when a kingfisher darted by…

A magical, and spiritual little tale, to read in French or in English (both texts are written in calligraphy). The illustrations are in black & white, to allow children to add their own special touch by colouring-in the designs.


A bi-lingual fairy tale.

It was the fault of Misty, the old grey cat… How could Rachel help but follow him across the garden, and under the eaves of the nearby woods?

A fairy-tale for young readers, with simple English and French side by side (printed in calligraphic scripts).


prenom-enlumineRachel, Alex and the Naiads of Fontdouce

While visiting the Abbey of Fontdouce, Rachel and her brother enjoy a concert of classical music. But when the concert is finished, and the other spectators departed, the two children make an amazing discovery….

(a story in French and English, with parallel texts)

prenom-enlumineRachel and the Unicorns of la Roche-Courbon

On a visit to the fairy-tale castle of La Roche Courbon, Rachel meets some curious characters: this is “Mist Day”, and all the grey animals can speak, and they invite Rachel to share with them the magic of the place….

(a story in French and English, with parallel texts)

prenom-enlumineRachel visits the crypt of St Eutrope

When she enters into the underground crypt of the Church of St Eutrope in Saintes, Rachel does not expect to find such a strange new friend…

(a story in French and English, with parallel texts)

prenom-enlumineRachel visits the Castle of Puss’n boots

When Rachel goes to the Castle of Crazannes, she leaves the group-tour to meet a rather exceptional guide of her own…

(a story in French and English, with parallel texts)