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In this Calligrafée shop, you will find Jane’s CD and her books available to order. In particular, you can order your limited and signed copy of the “Psautier de Ligugé” and some of the booklets containing completed sections which were published at regular intervals in order to share her work with the public.

You can also order Jane’s books on calligraphy and illumination (and even on how to draw dragons and unicorns).

When you order online in the Calligrafée Shop, payment is made through payfacile which guarantees perfect security for all your purchases. Click on the link of the item you select and you will be redirected to a secure page to complete your order. On payfacile, the shipping costs are calculated for each item separately. If you order several items at a time, the difference will be refunded to your account as soon as the final total is calculated and has appeared on our files.

Brise d’étoiles CD, 11 € + shipping cost.

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