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Calligrafée Art School  Course Content

As explained on the Home page, Jane’s Art School is organised in modules of six lessons, and each module will lead you, step by step, to the creation of a beautiful project! . The school starts in April 2018 and a new module will be made available each month. As the access to a module is limited to 12 months, it is recommended to follow one module at a time, only signing-up for a new module when you have completed the preceeding one (which may, of course, take less that three months, if you are enthusiastic!) as you will loose access to the ongoing module when you register for a new one.

Module One —  An Illuminated Book-Mark

Material for drawing and coloring :  pencil, eraser, sketch-paper and colored pencils, watercolor or gouache paints.

Material for Calligraphy : a ruler, and either a calligraphy dip-pen with ink (or gouache paint – more about this in the video!) or a calligraphy felt-tip marker.

Class 1-1:  The Lombard Letters, the basis of our first illuminated initials.  Simple decoration and motifs to enliven your letters.  Two handouts.

Class 1-2:  Calligraphy in the Humanist Style, the basics of pen-angle, pen-strokes and letterforms in the minuscule alphabet.  Practicing with pleasure and an eye on balance, beauty and rhythm.  Two Handouts.

Class 1-3:  Drawing Fantasy Creatures  — a unicorn and a dragon.   Two Handouts.

Class 1-4:  Calligraphy continued, using our minuscule alphabet to write words and names.  Letter-spacing, special combinations of letters, flourishes with the pens. One  Handout.

Class 1-5:  Celtic Interlace Border Design.  A very simple way to create a complicated-looking rectangle of knotwork!  Very fun and relaxing to do, too — and useful in our final project for this module.  Two Handouts.

Class 1-6:  Our First Project!  A book-mark — the name of your choice, presented with an illuminated letter for the initial, followed by calligraphy in Humanist minuscule, PLUS a fantastical creature (unicorn or dragon, as you prefer — or even both!) and a colorful band of Celtic interlace as complementary decoration.  What a master-piece!   Five Handouts.


Module Two —   A Mermaid Illumination, framed by Calligraphy

Class 2-1: Layout of an Initial Letter, placed in a pencil-drawn parchment frame. Planning the composition.

Class 2-2: Calligraphy practice : french bâtarde script, practicing the minuscules.

Class 2-3:  Fantasy Art Roughs — for a miniature “scene” inside or around your letter: mermaids and sea-monsters, dolphins and friendly fishes.

Class 2-4: Calligraphy: assembling words and writing text.

Class 2-5:  Step one of the Final Project: Calligraphy of the final text and composition of the central image in pencil.

Class 2-6:  Step two of the Final Project: Drawing, outlining and painting your enchanted seascape and golden letter.

The following modules are given as an indication of what will come in the following months.

Module Three — A Short Text in Bâtarde Calligraphy, with a Fairy Initial and Illumination filled with Rabbits, Unicorns, and the occasional Flying Horse!

Module Four —  Delightful Dragons and their Surroundings

Module Five —  A Name – in Very Knotty Celtic Interlace!

Module Six —  An Illustrated and Illuminated Recipe



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