Module 5

Celtic interlace and Illuminations: Knotwork,  zoömorphic initials and carpet pages!

Entrelac celtique en forme de cercle Lettre T enluminée par un zoomorphe Lettre B enluminée et entrelacée

In this module, we’ll be looking at some of the motifs and techniques of Celtic art and illumination:  interlace or knotwork, animal interlace (also called zoömorphics),  knotwork incorportated into letters, and also how to create a « carpet page » (a page filled with interlace, zoömorphics and spirals).

We won’t actually do any pen-written calligraphy in this module, but we do look at the Insular Alphabet and its unusual and lively forms!  You’ll be guided through four little projects: an illuminated zoömorphic letter, interlace in a circular form, a short word richly decorated, and a cross-carpet-page.

This module is composed of 6 classes to allow you to create all kinds of interlace and illumination in different forms and celtic letters:

  • Class 1: How to make basic knots with points and simple interlace.
  • Class 2: The forms of Celtic letters and their transformation into interlace.
  • Class 3: Celtic animals and a zoömorphic letter: a stylized cat is invited to transform into the letter T.
  • Class 4: Basic knots in a circular form.
  • Class 5: The word PAX written in a Celtic style.
  • Class 6: A carpet page in the shape of a Celtic Cross, combining interlace, spirals and zoömorphics.

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