How to draw Unicorns


Hearted Unicorn 

This is a special “Unicorn” module of the CalligrafĂ©e Online School, designed to complement Jane’s new book :  Drawing Unicorns — A Guide for Young Artists.   (Of course, you can enjoy this module on its own, without the book; but the book will provide the ‘handouts’ in a way and also give you much more detailed information, as well as a coloring book of unicorn pictures!)

In these three video-classes you’ll learn how to sketch these wondrous creatures, then how to refine your drawings with outline and color, and lastly how to create a fantasy landscape and make a beautiful composition for your finished picture. 

Happy Unicorn-Art!

Dancing Unicorn           Running Unicorn  


This module is composed of 3 classes to show you how to draw beautiful unicorns:

Class 1. Learning to Sketch Unicorns

In this first lesson, Jane takes you step-by-step through her method of how to sketch unicorns: based on simple circles and lines, you can rough-in the position and movement of your unicorn, and then go back — still in pencil — and do the outline and some of the details. Two different unicorns are shown, one walking and the other rearing.

Class 2. A Dancing Unicorn, outlined and then colored with pencil

The second lesson in our series takes you through the steps of drawing a joyful, dancing unicorn, then outlining in fine black marker and coloring-in — very delicately — with colored pencils. 

Class 3. A Unicorn in a Fantasy Landscape

Our third lesson shows you how to create a rich composition where your unicorn becomes part of its own magical story! You’ll use the same method to draw and outline the unicorn, and also learn to add a toadstool with a cheeky expression, plus friendly flowers and trees, all set in your imaginary landscape.  At the end, you’ll see Jane’s ideas for coloring-in this fantasy picture. 

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