Module 6

Illuminated Letters

     Illuminated letter R        

In this module Jane presents a variety of illumination styles, covering the entire alphabet.  Taking the letters by group, in the form of Versals, the projects include a single-letter bookmark with leaf motifs, medieval knotwork to add complexity to letter-parts, pen-flourished initials from the High Middle Ages, and a whimsical monogram.

This module is composed of 6 classes to allow you to create different kinds of illuminated letters:

  • Class 1: We start with four letters which include a vertical « column » combined with a rounded form:  A, D, J,  and U.  Using the letter « J » we create a simple bookmark with acanthus-leaf motifs.
  • Class 2: The letters B, K, P, and R can all accommodate an animal-head at the junction of the column and their rounded parts.  We learn how to draw this traditional motif and then complement it with swirling heart-leaf arabesques.
  • Class 3: The rounded letters C, E, G, O, Q,  and T come alive with expressive faces added or, as in our project for this class on the « G », with the addition of tiny animal friends.  This golden illumination is set into a curling scroll and could even be used as the initial for a piece of calligraphy.
  • Class 4: A complex and classic knot is presented as part of our study of the letters F, H, I, L, and N. Simpler variations of the « heart-knot » are also incorporated into our richly decorated letter « N ».
  • Class 5: A form of illuminated letters from the High Middle Ages (14th-15th century mainly), pen-flourished versals (filigranes) offer us the occasion to practice these geometric and delicate motifs.  The letters are V, W, X, Y, and Z. We use the letter « V » to create an illumination on blue paper glittering with coppery-gouache.
  • Class 6: We conclude with a monogram of the letters M and S, intertwined and rather fantastical !  The « M » becomes a willow tree, home to a curious owl and two snails, while the « S » is embellished with stars and moons.

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