Module 4

Delightful Dragons and their Surroundings!

Six classes which guide you through all the steps of sketching, inking and painting a dragon in a fantastical setting, with a swirling scroll bearing the title in Gothic calligraphy. One hand-out per class.

  • Class 1:  Learning to sketch some basic dragon details: heads, claws and wings.
  • Class 2:  Dragon anatomy and giving graceful movement to your composition.
  • Class 3:  Gothic calligraphy: the minuscule letters.
  • Class 4:  The final project, step one:  the full composition in pencil.
  • Class 5:  Step two of the final project: inking in the outline and refining the details. Learning to draw a scroll for the title.
  • Class 6:  The last step: painting the background with a light wash of color, laying in the solid color areas and then adding delicate details and highlights.  Writing the title of your painting in Gothic calligraphy.

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