Jane’s Fantasy Trilogy “Return to Faërie”

Return to Faërie trilogy

Dear visitors

My fantasy novel, Return to Faërie, is now completed — and I am so excited to share it with you!   I hope you’ll be eager to read it and to give me your comments, suggestions and insights.

The trilogy is available to order directly from my website, on the page called “Calligrafee shop”. There you can also find all of my other books, and you can — of course — order the three books of Return to Faërie separately too, if you prefer (but there is a discount when ordering the three together).

Please go to:   www.calligrafee.com/shop/return-to-faerie/

A separate website has also been created for the book, so you can visit and learn more about the story here: www.return-to-faerie.com

Thank you for supporting this “enchanted” project by ordering a copy of my novel, and also by sharing this information with your own contacts. The ripples will spread out in ever-widening circles, I’m sure, and thereby my story will reach many readers who will enjoy this tale of wonder and beauty, peace and adventure, joy and hope! (There are plenty of magical creatures to delight you as well: not only fairies but also flying-horses, dragons, mermaids, wondrous harps and wise trees, and — of course — unicorns!).

Thank you, once again, for all your interest in my projects and for your help in spreading the word about this new book!


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